What is Nordic3DExpo?

The NORDIC3DEXPO exhibition, the Original Exhibition of 3D printing and 3D technologies, is the first exhibition of its kind in Scandinavia and Northern Europe to focus on 3D printing and 3D technologies. The exhibition began in spring 2016, when it took place for the first time at Energia Areena in Vantaa, Finland. It immediately gained a lot of attention around the globe and gathered together over 40 exhibitors and a few thousand 3D printing enthusiasts worldwide from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Make sure you'll be a part of the future growth of 3D printing in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia!

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The visitor target groups are companies who use 3D technologies, students and hobbyists in the 3D-field. Present are the industry's latest technologies, future prospects, top companies and innovations as well as 3D printing and -technology show.

  • NORDIC3DEXPO is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland's independence in 2017!
  • Finland 100 years - 3D printing contest finalists
  • Finland 100 years product development exhibit
  • 19th of May, 3D printing and -technology programme by Tekniikka&Talous

May 19-20




FIRPA CONFERENCE Speakers - 18th of May 2017

NORDIC3DEXPO: Tekniikka&Talous 3D-printing and technologies -program - 19th of May 2017

Roy Björkstrand

Research at ADD lab, Aalto University

Heidi Piili

R&D Engineer at EOS Finland

Heli Nelimarkka

CEO of Stereoscape

Janne Kousa

Engineering Manager at Raute Oyj

Joni Kumpulainen

Partner at Maker3D Oy

Ville Moilanen

CEO of Hetitec Oy

Vesa Palojoki

Senior Specialist (Mech) at ABB Oy Drive

Become a NORDIC3DEXPO Speaker

We are looking for exciting new presenters for our NORDIC3DEXPO event! To begin the process, please contact us and fill in the subject line with "SPEAKER".


(required to register as an exhibitor!).

Exhibitor Registration

Registration fee: 290€ +VAT. Space Rental: 95€/m2 +VAT. All prices are subject to VAT 24% valid in Finland. Floor plan: N3DE-Floor1.pdf

Event Schedule

18th of May

FIRPA Conference

(2016 FIRPA's conference: presentations)

19th of May


(2016 NORDIC3DEXPO's: presentations)

20th of May



Sponsors & Media Partners

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Exhibitors 2017


A1 Suomi 100 Tuotekehitys Finland
A6 Go3D Oy Finland
A7 AM Finland Oy Finland
A9 Insotera Oy Finland
A10 Uusiteknologia.fi Finland
A11 Rensi Finland Oy Finland
A12 Stereoscape Oy Finland
A13 Hetitec Oy Finland
A14 Nivala Industrial Park Ltd / ELME Studio Finland
A18 booked -> TBA Finland
A20 Tampere University Of Applied Sciences Finland
A20 Tampere University Of Technology Finland
A20 SASKY Municipal Education and Training Consortium Finland
A21 Vossi Group Oy Finland
B1 FIRPA Finland
B2 LPH Conus Finland
B3 3D Print Scandinavia A/S Denmark
B4 Maker3D Oy Finland
B5 Vertex Systems Oy Finland
B6 3D Pro Lithuania
B7 DeskArtes Oy Finland
B8 Suomen 3D-ratkaisut Oy Finland
B9 M.A.D. Oy Finland
B10 Fenno3D Finland
B10 SLOWorks Finland
B11 Ideas2Cycles Finland
B12 3daddict Finland
B13 Grano 3D Oy Finland
U1 Volkswagen Finland

(2016 exhibitors)

Event FAQs

Buy Tickets

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Ticket Prices

General Ticket 10€

Family 20€

Pensioner and Children (under 13): 8€

Lots of parking space near the venue and it's totally free!


May 18, 2017    07:00 a.m. to 24:00 p.m.

Exposition layout:

May 18, 2017    14:00 p.m. to 24:00 p.m.

Opening Hours:

May 19, 2017    09:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

May 20, 2017    09:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

Removal of exhibits and dismantling:

May 20, 2017    17:00 p.m. to 24:00 p.m.

Mr. Tomi Andersson
Email: info@3dexpo.fi
Phone: +358 50 3874050

2016 Photos



Mr. Tomi Andersson
Phone: +358 50 3874050
Email: info(at)3dexpo.fi


Beijing Foison Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Mr. Bill He
Phone: +86 1369 322 4748
Email: bill.he(at)foisonexpo.com

Official fair partner

Mainos Andersson Oy
Phone: +358 400 377518
Email: info@mainosandersson.fi

Event Location

Energia Areena
Rajatorpantie 23, 01600 Vantaa
Phone: +358 10 6330303
Email: info@mup.fi